Poetry Tracks - WORLD DAY POETRY celebration marathon



It's been a while since I wrote anything here. It felt like an interesting exploration of a world we watch and learn from, we take in and reform and/or simply reveal. 

This being said I came with a little CELEBRATION ONLINE EVENT for WORLD DAY POETRY.

 On April 21 you 're invited to watch my Celebrative Poetry Marathon

A world united for the greatest show!



The un_acceptable, un_do-able treasured, worshipped, loved Archetypes

Everybody wants to live a miracle but sometimes, some have to suffer a little for what they really want... and some are kept prisoners for what is wanted for them...

I was also told that some have to get only bad stuff and I felt that they must have wanted all the good for me... really... experience can teach us to be better humans, better children and better parents.... better pros... better archetypes (?) 


Here is a little poem about sacrifice and hard times, about who we are and who we aren't,

 in the end we're just what we had the strength and courage to be.... 


"Basically the same thing" 


I show you faith,

                               You show me how wrong I AM,

I show you good intentions,

                               I can go to hell with all of them.

I show you kindness,

                               Your pride tells me to go fuck myself.

I take responsibility for my action,

Hating my weaknesses, being too wrong,

Accepting them, still being too wrong, thus unacceptable.

I show you my lost faith....


I show you then even more...

I tell you lies you can happily live for,

With my stupid work you can make your fortunes in 'your' everything.

I tell you then the truth, but you won't believe it...

I tell you that I don't care, I lived it...

I cry but my tears only amuse you and your ways...

I'm thankful for my pride, my sorrow forced into a lie acceptable,

A truth when it got possible to be lived.

The second chance to...

                                           basically the same thing.


A poem explaining salvation and the way we all have to take... Sacrificing ourselves for something in this life... something that will mean all the somebodies we probably cared for or loved..... all those we had to learn how to forgive and accept... with a wide smile put on our faces living gracefully our beautiful Heavenly Hell .... together.

*Sorry for the unacceptable language. They are still part of the dictionary and the world… apparently we do have to accept everything as part of our lives so…. I hope you won’t be too offended.

"Great to see all of you reading happily!"
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"This moon obsession

Growing with the season of fall,

the season of colour burning bright In my soul!

Moon obsession, colouring the grounds of night

in silver-shades of mystic power."

Moon Reflection Morning by Teodora Oniceanu

Morning came bright as always

Smart shine unseen before.

Still, I remember well.

The sky is deep, into the heights I look: the vastest blue!

There is no star to shine brighter than the sun here.

I should have one hot cup of coffee;

A nightmare proves to me that I have made a grave mistake in a past I could not forgive myself for.

Now I can... have an idea or two about how to escape

the agony of being so cursed.

I pass...

A cup of fresh water to clean and wash away the bitterness of the ugly past.

There’s breakfast well prepared on the table, fresh eggs and bacon,

I watch you eat.

I’ll have something later,

a shower would be nice, now, before leaving;

An office-business’s ready to receive me with its arms open wide...

Fresh air outside!

I walk with confidence and proud of this day I am as if it were my fault it’s splendour.

Above city-trees, blue depths of a sky fresh and luminous meet the reflection of a white moon.


she is so far away...

He is in love with her beauty, the proud moon of today.

“Somewhere a rainbow drops colours of adored eternity.”


© All rights Reserved Theodora Oniceanu

Too much oven

Infection with love, dangerous,

Obsession to get cured,

Regret follows,

Trapped for there seems to be no way out of here,

Enjoy All your wars, all your sorrow.

Courage to live it, punished,

It is only for the chosen, those who fought,

Only everybody's fighting

For what they want.

Sweet and tenderly you came

To declare all your wishes,

My commands_ Making love powerful.


© All rights Reserved Theodora Oniceanu

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