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"This moon obsession

Growing with the season of fall,

the season of colour burning bright In my soul!

Moon obsession, colouring the grounds of night

in silver-shades of mystic power."

Moon Reflection Morning by Teodora Oniceanu

Morning came bright as always

Smart shine unseen before.

Still, I remember well.

The sky is deep, into the heights I look: the vastest blue!

There is no star to shine brighter than the sun here.

I should have one hot cup of coffee;

A nightmare proves to me that I have made a grave mistake in a past I could not forgive myself for.

Now I can... have an idea or two about how to escape

the agony of being so cursed.

I pass...

A cup of fresh water to clean and wash away the bitterness of the ugly past.

There’s breakfast well prepared on the table, fresh eggs and bacon,

I watch you eat.

I’ll have something later,

a shower would be nice, now, before leaving;

An office-business’s ready to receive me with its arms open wide...

Fresh air outside!

I walk with confidence and proud of this day I am as if it were my fault it’s splendour.

Above city-trees, blue depths of a sky fresh and luminous meet the reflection of a white moon.


she is so far away...

He is in love with her beauty, the proud moon of today.

“Somewhere a rainbow drops colours of adored eternity.”


© All rights Reserved Theodora Oniceanu