Flame of Fame

Price: 59,00 EUR
Original artwork. "Fame", "Flame of Fame" and "Making up the good side of the story", three items that are part of the same collection under the title: "Flame of Fame". Coffee, inks and watercolours on paper. 30x40 cm * This project contains more than one work of art. Each work in the series is unique. If interested in purchasing one of these items, please, contact me for more details. Thank you.

Phoenix: Reinterpretation

Price: 55,00 EUR
Original artwork. Inks, acrylic paint and pastel on paper. 33x48 cm. *This project contains several works of art, variations of the same image that are unique in colour approach and small symbolical/design elements.If interested in purchasing one of the items in this project, please, contact me via e-mail. Thank you.

Fish Y Gift

Price: 45,00 EUR
Original artwork. Inks, extra sugar-coffee and acrylic paint on paper. 33x48 cm

City States of Mind

Price: 57,00 EUR
Original artwork. Illustration on paper made using ink, coffee and watercolours. 50x40

Spirit of the free

Price: 35,00 EUR
Original artwork. Chalk, watercolour and acrylic paint on black cardboard. Variable sizes: 19x30, 21x39, 24x32 etc. *Please, if interested in this project, ask for more details via e-mail. The series under the title "Spirit of the free" contains several works of art that may differ in size and content-design, each being unique. Thank you.