These days of quarantine feel awful sometimes so, in order to contribute to the ease of our painful isolation I made this book available at any price, including 0 $, which means you can download it from Smashwords or Free Ebooks and enjoy. It's fiction and it's fantasy inspired by many areas of mythology and legends - the book is a fresh start of the writing part of the entire project with the title "Moons of Amaterasu".

Have a nice read!


'Moons of Amaterasu: Carrying on with the Legacy' by Teodora Oniceanu

We all love a good story told under the moonlight! We all feel fascinated about the skies and the stars, the Universe and it's fascinating explorations. We all fall in love under the same sky; we all allow ourselves to be charmed by the Moon sometimes!


If You want to be new You have to be Ancient!


Moons of Amaterasu is a very daring project I am working on for a while now. It contains artwork made in a traditional way - painting on paper - for which I created a few paints myself in an attempt of obtaining unique shades of blue and textures. It also involves writing as I conceived it as a story told in multiple ways, thus the e-book with the same name, the first in the series of a Fantasy Works. 

If I were to include this project in a certain current I wouldn't have any other thought as a first but the idea of rebirth! It's been there, in the paintings and icons, in the books and in the music I was brought-up with, in the depths of my blue self and in the clarity of my lack of in_complete knowledge of the Blue World! A current that I'd name The New Renaissance, a Second New Illuminist Current of the years 2000.

I could also give it a second thought and rename it as the Mooniacs Renaissance Movement! 

For you to make an idea of the content (take a little sip of the magic potions) I prepared a few audio excerpts included in a video containg part of the artwork created for this project. Down below you can tap the two titles that will get you to the videos.

Moons of Amaterasu - Excerpts

Moons of Amaterasu - excerpt 2

The e-book can be downloaded from

Do not upset the gods! They tend to react promptly!


"Moons of Amaterasu", an old idea of a project I had in mind some years ago, is based on an older story I had conceived that was changed and reshaped many times.

As a surprise given to my followers I decided to show a little part of this project containing seven traditional art items: I'm talking about 7 illustrations/paintings, works with a support paper of 59x42 cm and 70x50 cm framed to the size of 72,5x52,5 cm. 

There's more though that meets the eye: literally. 




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