"Amy is a senior high looking for adventure in the books she reads insatiably. Her mother, a divorcee, after losing one of her jobs, finds comfort in other activities than working and travel to raise her self-esteem leaving Amy alone to find a solution for her summer holidays. But Amy turns out to be an angel, the road to her awakening being not too long but an adventurous one. In the quest of helping a young woman, she and two other angels find themselves in the position of shifting through the worlds they lived, caught between the wish to help humans rid themselves off demons attacks and the need to help the World of Shadows do the same thing. The vicious demons not giving a rest to their fights for territories frighten Amy but the angel inside her doesn’t let her down. All these fights though, keep being a problem for the very loved by angels humans when a pact between angels and demons is made and covenants broken. To add to the whole problem, human beings are being chosen to fight for the forces in the World of Shadows making Amy and her Angel friends fight on multiple grounds. Will they manage to establish the equilibrium needed and save the humans dragged into darkness?"

Phantomaniacs series


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