Excerpts from my writing:


Steps.Stairs and Staircases.

Chasing the ghosts in our heads like mice buried away from the light of day,

Looking for the ghosts of tomorrow with which to share the knowledge of holding sway,

extracting essences from all of them,

learning that they always knew better than we'd like to accept

as we allow ourselves to listen and obey.

StaircasesStairs.Steps:Up for the light of another day

This page is all about an experiment I managed to carry on with, due to a former teacher of mine's help, while working on the book. The experiment involving a number of approximately 60 high-school students - and which was meant to bring some inspiration not only to myself but to young students too, getting to see more courage in expressing their own opinions, ideas and creative ways towards some of the excerpts in the book - was quite a challenge and proved itself to be a good idea. I was pleasantly surprised by some students coming with turns of ideas and dynamics in personal sources of inspiration of a wider palette than one would expect from such a small number of participants. It proved to me that their individuality was not too disturbed or damaged by the very restrictive orders, rules and regulations of the past. 

The results of this experiment shall be exposed little by little here, along with the two versions presented to the two classes I was offered the chance to lead this experiment to. 

My compliments and sincere Thank You's to Mrs. Adriana Pacurar, english teacher at "Colegiul National Alexandru Papiu Ilarian"!

Details on The Experiment and some short conclusion: 


The students were presented a document containing excerpts from the book along with a separate document with lyrics taken from the same work and were asked to make transitions in between text-excerpts using the lyrics given to them or come-up with their own. 

Some made use of their own imagination and started adding their own ideas and creative writing as it will be presented later on this page. Others came-up with their musical background knowledge to show their understanding of the work presented and some even changed a bit the texts presented. all in all the experiment and the experience itself was quite a pleasant and inspiring one to me (and hopefully not only).

Here is the first version (approx. 9 pages) of the excerpts presented to the students: Exc.1_from CompactSmokes

Lyrics to make a travel in between text excerpts: Lyrics_1CompactSmokes

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