"The years 2040 are already happening; we're just not aware of that... well, some of us aren't and that is pretty cool, a nice way of living without bothering about the things one cannot change much, being instead present there where things can be changed a lot. 

- The year 2041 already happened.

- Who cares? Let's just live our presents."


"- Come into the future with me! she asked him gently.

- Come into the past and let me show you that we can accomplish some miracles, he spoke." That's how it basically started, the journey, this story and some of the things to follow.

See my list of e-books released so far and choose your favourite. I cannot promise you that things will remain as they are since they constantly ask for a few changes, but get things as they are right now and we'll see about the future.

1. Time Files: PersonAll, Revolving around Alice, I[m]Personal


2. Compact Smokes 

3. Prism Tears

4. The Hour of the Blue Man

5. In T[I'm] 

6. MissLead:Bleeding Memory 

7. Something to follow

8. Moons of Amaterasu

9. Phantomaniacs series

10. InkHead


If you care about the e-books I released so far, completed work or not quite, go ahead and download the books and have some fun-time reading.

Just click on the title that interests you and you will be taken to my publisher from where you can downoald a sample or the entire book. Most of them are free now so, take the chance to have some fun or get artistically sad! The offer is pretty varied in emotions.


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