If you think that this is all fun and happy-times for me you are goddam wrong! 

If you believe that I AM PARTYING happily ever after, you must be out of your cerebral minds!

It must be you not knowing, not having a clue, if this is what you're thinking right now, but thank you!

Thank you for the nices thoughts you're adressing to me!


The echoes call!

"All safe in the bubble of their much-desired life, the two kid - once, now adult - lovers mind their twisted cup of Love-Life (while some hate song is happily resurrected by someone finding a way out!). 

She looks the way he always remembered and feels the same inside; her soul can see through him: he is the same ... His soul is her concern while his concern is her. She doesn't know that but she can feel it ... she's looking for his warmth. In distant times he feels just fine while she feels all alone."

Looking at the whitish vaporous sky of a witty morning, out the window of the car, seeing clearly through all the stains and raindrops on the glass as if the changing scenery was all too known, she proceeded with her test of theories about connection with nature; water and dust were subjects of a private debate on "how to feel"

"I wonder how would a scientist describe this ... feeling! Bio-chemistry put to work for the favours of an eye that carries the legacy of an interesting and peculiar smile."


Well hanged on the clear blue of the sky, the clouds were holding them so they watched those waving and smiling forms into the light from a distance, in the shadow of a vapour-cotton-curl, paying their observation time with smiles of the same calibre. The light of that day felt a bit cold, yearning for our warmth.

"Sometimes history is funny. It can be fun to watch and learn from as it can be awful to imagine some things and extremely painful to live other things. It becomes though funnier with time, after we forget or simply feel safe, above all the situations of the past, that past we stubbornly want to keep down, behind us... why did you have to bring it back? So you didn't live it, right?! You got stuck in this world too; you needed your way out! You needed to make your choices chosing for myself to get billed with the wrong  bill. Oh, well... you can wait now forever for anyone to pay that bill: thank you for enlightening me! This was cruel, but it's okay... we can handle it, don't worry... we all have our friends and families. Meanwhile, those who really did this to us are... ? ... well, they are living... 

There are times when things seem to be funny... things look so funny to me now, don't they have the same effects on you... (let's just fly, for the sake of the species) darling.


Machines don't feel, dear. Machines can't and won't feel; but they can be programmed and programmed well so they stopped making the same mistakes over and over again and traumatise our people, our countries and our good friends. 

Sometimes things can be funny even when they're really nothing about but tragedy and tears."




- The condescending will speak against you, accusing you of being what they are; probably luckier beings they felt they were, they probably are, luckier. Nevertheless, I'll keep being on your side if that is the right thing to do, if you are right... you ...you didn't deserve the most awful punishement. To me, the body and the mind that fights against all crime does matter; to me, the body not allowing just anything to happen to themselves and others does matter. To me, the body and the mind craving for that soul and their spirit to take them where they belong to, not where others want to believe they belong to, does matter.


"I appreciated you for all the good things done, for all the mercy an help offered, for the nicer things done, for all your accomplishments, you kept being the same! 

I am no longer the one you'd take for the fool you want and use like the tool for your needs so when time came for my own needs to be fulfilled I get the punishment for the little joy and pride I took for seeing the possibility of happiness and success of my own spirit, my own beliefs, my rights and the wash-down and flush of my sins and shames

I'll go for the accomplishment of! my wishes, my love and all of my dreams! 

Not going to fight for you, anymore! 

I'm going to fight for the worthy and kind, against a pride that has nothing to do with being neither fair nor beautiful; you're not just nor wonderful!

Tying me-up like this so I payed for all your goddamn evil hypocrites!

Don't come to me telling me there is no evil, you didn't live it! You lucky bastard!

I'm happy for you, not happy for me though!"

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