The Mirror Girl



“What did you do to me? You turned me into this mirror of everything I can see! Now I don’t even know who I’m supposed to be! And hardly I remember the one I used to be!”


In front of her mirror she was, the magic mirror showing her who she really was. Not happy with her life, with her departed self, but still trying to be “the man in the mirror” she wasn’t able to see. 


“Strong like a man, remember?!” a voice inside her head

Was whispering a promise on how she’d make an end.”



On the empty scene, she stood empty as well and cold, wearing white paint on her skin, telling the story of someone else’s sin as if it was all about her and herself. 

“I used to be a man; she stated, a man whose powers were great and whose will was even greater than any of his doings. I used to be strong and free to be whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to. But then this evil lady-girl who was cursed never to wash her face in tears of her sorrows came and cursed me well: to be a kabuki character forever, abandoned to a mirror’s magical powers. 

A memory’s echo was heard right when she wanted to break the long pause, her moment of breath: 

“I will get out of here!” 

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