"The years 2040 are already happening; we're just not aware of that... well, some of us aren't and that is pretty cool, a nice way of living without bothering about the things one cannot change much being instead present there where things can be changed a lot. 

The year 2041 already happened. Who cares? Let's just live in our presents."

If you care about the e-books I released so far, completed work or not quite, here is the list of books you can choose from:


1. Time Files:


                   Revolving around Alice


2. Compact Smokes

3. Prism Tears

4. The Hour of the Blue Man

5. In T[I'M]

6. MissLead:Bleeding Memory




Just click on the title that iterests you and you will be taken to my publisher from where you can downoald a sample or the entire book. Most of them are free now so, take the chance to have some fun or get artistically sad. The offer is pretty varied in emotions.