The echoes call!

"All safe in the bubble of their much-desired life, the two kid - once, now adult - lovers mind their twisted cup of Love-Life (while some hate song is happily resurrected by someone finding a way out!). 

She looks the way he always remembered and feels the same inside; her soul can see through him: he is the same ... His soul is her concern while his concern is her. She doesn't know that but she can feel it ... she's looking for his warmth. In distant times he feels just fine while she feels all alone."

Looking at the whitish vaporous sky of a witty morning, out the window of the car, seeing clearly through all the stains and raindrops on the glass as if the changing scenery was all too known, she proceeded with her test of theories about connection with nature; water and dust were subjects of a private debate on "how to feel"

"I wonder how would a scientist describe this ... feeling! Bio-chemistry put to work for the favours of an eye that carries the legacy of an interesting and peculiar smile."


Well hanged on the clear blue of the sky, the clouds were holding them so they watched those waving and smiling forms into the light from a distance, in the shadow of a vapour-cotton-curl, paying their observation time with smiles of the same calibre. The light of that day felt a bit cold, yearning for our warmth.

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