"Never let any entity, be it human or alien, crush you so bad that you feel less than what you are or you can be! Never let any love of yours for anything and anyone kill that faith of yours in whatever kept you moving on and along before! Never let anyone playing the role of the enemy win their chances to a real succes over you and your spirit! You know what you are, you know what you love; never let them send you to the hell you do not deserve: never! 

 And when never still happens, because there was enough humanity for it to happen, make that forever in it break into the pieces to work for you a s a weapon against those who did it and unfairily hurt you. 

Humanity can take a lot of tears and make something with and out of them; believe me on this one, I kind of happen to know. I can only hope for the best to happen and that justice we sometimes insanely ask for - it is the safest and sanest thing to ask for. And I cried and I'll cry some more, if I have to; this time for my justice, this time for our common goal. To make a better world happen for us all. 


 (And if we have to make it on our separate worlds then so be it! Peace to those who need and deserve it!)"

Enjoy your time among those you have chosen to love and care for. Enjoy it now because after you're gone it won't matter to you anymore; it won't mean a thing and it it will it will be cold and distant enough for you not to connect with them anymore. 

Enjoy the presence of human warmth for as long as you are able to feel it and care for it. 


Love. Peace. Joy


see also: "The bat of stars and the salt on the lips"

(for May is looking for her love)

May, be!

"From smoke they evolved... The spiralling smoke of a god that has burned his planet for the sake of your love!" 

I don't know what happened, I just know that I felt happy to be born; a new child enjoying a new life, discovering the beauties and wonders of the world.


"I have seen the future into a present !"


           ≈ That was meant to last ≈

~ (the present carries legacies that make a total blast!) ~ 
So, daring she was and so kind yet felt so betrayed and hurt... maybe her pride, maybe
another one's ? 
Collisions of prides for the illusions of glory and fame? for their happiness... maybe;
only perhaps... could it...?
May be!

May Be!

"Don't worry,
I'm not going to take your love away,
Do not be scared,
I'm not looking to steal your miracle,
Be it true or fake!
Do not be afraid, I'm not your criminal.
I only wanted to see if there's still love
Around here!
That's all!"

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