We all love a good story told under the moonlight! We all feel fascinated about the skies and the stars, the Universe and it's fascinating explorations. We all fall in love under the same sky; we all allow ourselves to be charmed by the Moon sometimes!


If You want to be new You have to be Ancient!


If I were to include this project in a certain current I wouldn't have any other thought as a first but the idea of rebirth! It's been there, in the paintings and icons, in the books and in the music I was brought-up with, in the depths of my blue self and in the clarity of my lack of in_complete knowledge of the Blue World! A current that I'd name The New Renaissance, a Second New Illuminist Current of the years 2000.

I'd could also say that it includes itself perfectly in the Mooniacs Renaissance Movement! 


Do not upset the gods! They tend to react promptly!


'Moons of Amaterasu: Carrying on with the Legacy' by Teodora Oniceanu

"Moons of Amaterasu" is an old idea of a project I had in mind some years ago, based on an older story of mine that I didn't know how to put on pages, so to speak - it needed some time to get it ready for being baked and now it feels ready to get there, in the oven and make a proper growth and a golden crust.

So, as I started working on it the way I imagined it - both through images and words (having musical waves happening there, in the very heart of it - just like every artist, we're addicted to music and love) - being ready now to offer you a few details about this project. 

As a surprise given to my readers and followers I decided to show a little part of this project containing seven traditional art items: I'm talking about 7 illustrations/paintings, works with a support paper of 59x42 cm and 70x50 cm framed to the size of 72,5x52,5 cm. 



Here's a little excerpt from the book that I hope to get all in shape and publish soon: 

"As the blues of the night were turning lighter and lighter with each hour approaching sunrise her magic self changed for the occasion of watching over this child for a second time, this time not knowing that the child was awake and able to see. She spoke through movements of light and spread her sparkling warmth through spears of sunlight: 'I wish I could see you one more time up there, with the stars!' But the child wasn't ready; the child was afraid of those stars. 'They burn' the child sleep-spoke as if sharing an idea from the memory of a dreamscape. The child is awake.[...] 'I feel so tired', then spelled a chiming voice fainting the last words into the comfort of a giant pillow-moss crusting its ladder for them to have a winterish fun by the time they awake from their resting-time visions. 'Good-bye, sweet child' the goddess spoke. 'I'll see you when time comes for you to be ready.'[...]"

Because this project means a lot to me I am going to reveal to you a few video-presentations that are charged with some emotional content.

Below you will see my first video presentation of the project coming back with some more on a special page dedicated to my videos on this project. 

Presenting a series inspired from an old traditionally-painted ikon of Virgin Mary I saw when I was little a child and impressed with a lot of stories, images and words that sometimes hurt  other times lure us into the depths of the fascinating unknown - this image was offering me some comfort in a special way carrying me to those realms of imagination where I was also hoping to find some sensorial answers to my more or less spiritual captions.



First video show-off for my Project entitled "Moons of Amaterasu".
(in the back, the blue-artwork you see speaks as it shows, heavy and light, all at the same time, being named "Carrying on with the Legacy")

Guardians of Amaterasu

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